HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript are my bread & butter.

I build adaptive websites & web applications.

I am familiar with numerous front-end libraries; jQuery, Modernizr & ReactJS to name a few.

I write most of my CSS using LESS & and use NPM + Bower + Grunt for asset & workflow optimization.

bolt mobile


I use Mac & Windows. I prefer to use a Mac.

I have used various template engines such as Twig, underscore.js, and Mustashe.

I know my way around backend technologies like C#.Net, PHP, MySQL, & SQL.

I am familiar with Subversion & Git.

I'm always looking for a better, faster of doing things.

If I don't know it, I can learn it.

bolt all devices

Code + Design.

I can take an interface from pencil sketches to a full deployment & translate a .PSD into a pixel perfect interface.

I believe clean code is just as important as a clean design.

I am a big fan of Atomic Design & and an OOCSS approach to building interfaces.


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